Themed chess set pieces make chess even more fun by letting you play a classic game using a theme you love. Themed sets are extremely popular and you are sure to find a set for your favorite theme.

Themed Tournaments Sets
staunton chess setsTournament sets need to meet tournament regulations. This specifically means a particular size, weight, and sometimes style. The pieces must usually be within a particular size range and should also be in a particular proportion with one another and the board. Staunton chess sets and Isle of Lewis chess sets are common styles used for tournaments.

Decorative Themed Sets

isle of lewis chess piecesThemed chess sets can also be decorative.  If you're looking for a decorative chess set, then in addition to the theme,  you'll also want to focus on material, craftsmanship, and size.  Wood, metal, stone, glass, plastic, leather, or even bone can be used to design chess sets.

A chess piece can be natural, single, double, or tripled weighted. Single weighted pieces can be as light as 15 grams and triple weighted pieces can be as heavy as 115 grams. If the pieces are naturally weighted then it depends on the material used for the pieces.