baseball chess setsBaseball chess set pieces are great gift for fans and athletes alike. Your baseball themed pieces can be moved across the board for a spirited game of chess just as the individual players on the field of honor move to catch a fly ball, snag a speeding grounder or throw a runner out at first. Come and play with King Pitcher, Queen Catcher or the base-stealing Bishop. Plus, you will find these whimsically charming beautiful collector sets are perfect for any baseball-themed game room décor.

Baseball is the ultimate American sport where one team pits its offensive and defensive skills against an opponent with players taking up regular positions - much like the pieces on a chess playing board. Clearly, one can see the baseball pitcher as the King while his "mate," the Queen catches his every pitch. The infield can be represented by the Knight and Bishop with the Rook anchoring the corner bases at first and third. The Pawns can be represented as the game's outfielders.

Baseball, like the game of chess, calls for planning strategy well in advance. The two games share the concept of "sacrifice" where, in baseball, in order to either move a base runner further toward the goal of scoring a run or advancing a base, a "piece" or player sacrifices during a play that calls them "out," but successfully adds to the overall strategy toward winning.

Moves are common to both types of contests. Determining where to place players is a constant type of strategizing on the baseball field to counteract the strengths of the opposing team. Chess employs similar strategizing where one player positions pieces to counter the moves of another and, often, must position pieces specific to the strengths revealed by an opponent. 

New MLB Rivalry Chess Oakland A's vs San Francisco Giants Collector's Edition
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