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Thousands of years ago in Europe the Celts ruled Celtic England and developed fantastic artwork. The Celts normally displayed their artwork in metal. In 450 BC the Celtic artwork was brilliantly developed with swirling spirals and hidden faces of animals and human. The designs were made with


Chess is a game of skill and logic between two people, but a chess set can be so much more, and Renaissance chess set piece can help take you there.  Chess sets are often used as a display and conversation piece, or to share the owner's personality. 


The civilization of Egypt is one which spanned literally thousands of years.  Now you can get Egyption chess set pieces. Egypt had pharoahs, pyramids, sphinxs, treasure, snakes, mythical gods, and more that all made up the Egpytian culture.  Egyptian chess set pieces portrait the Egyptian culture. This is a


Aztec chess set pieces will have design and decoration representative of Mexico and Central America. Aztec chess set pieces generally depict the conflict between the Aztecs and the Spanish Conquistadors. Cortez leads the Spanish and Montezuma leads the Aztecs. This is a great set that can be used

Isle Of Lewis

Isle of Lewis chess set pieces were not discovered until 1831 but were actually created much earlier. The original pieces found were made from Walrus Ivory and represent a 12th century medieval Nordic army. Many of you may be looking for viking or nordic chess sets not knowing


The middle ages occurred between 500 and 1500 AD. If you're  looking for medieval chess set pieces you might actually be looking for styles that were developed in this time period. However, there are also medieval chess sets that are actually themed sets which are not actually based on