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Drueke Chess Sets

Drueke is located in Ludington, Michigan where the company started crafting gaming play sets for nearly a century. Drueke has been creating and selling quality chess sets since 1914 and offers everything from chess tables and boxes to individual pieces and boards along with entire chess sets.

Franklin Mint Chess Sets

The Franklin Mint was a private mint founded in 1964 by Joseph Segel. The mint originally operated in Wawa, Pennsylvania but was closed not too long after the Franklin Mint opened. Despite closing the actual minting operation, Franklin Mint continues to prosper as a private equity firm

Staunton Chess Set Pieces

One of the potential problems with chess games is that pieces can be very different from set to set but Staunton chess set pieces solves that problem. This requires players to relearn the roles of each piece. Staunton chess pieces solve this problem. In the mid-nineteenth century