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June 7, 2014 – 9:48 am

The universe of Marvel comics is filled with many heroes and villians. A Marvel heroes chess set makes the perfect good vs evil set up.
The various charters that are depicted in these comics are ones …

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Cartoon Chess Sets
Cartoon Chess Sets
Cartoon Chess Sets
Cartoon Chess Sets
Cartoon Chess Sets
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Electronic Chess Sets

Submitted by on April 20, 2012 – 9:21 am

electronic chess setsIf you happen to enjoy the game of chess, you may be surprised to find out that you have more options than playing a traditional game on a traditional game board. Even if you have tried online chess or computer chess games, you may not be familiar with electronic chess sets. Many chess fans today are finding these sets a great buy for a variety of reasons. If you’re not familiar with these electronic boards, here is a closer look at all they have to offer.

What is an Electronic Chess Set?

First, you may be wondering what exactly an electronic chess set is. Basically, this set is somewhere between a computer chess game and a regular chess board set. Electronic sets are powered by electricity through a battery or wall plug in and usually contain various rules, moves and games on them. All the information is stored on a special computer chip, which offers you the ability to play a game without an actual opponent.

Various Types Available

When you’re considering electronic chess sets, you’ll find that you have a couple of options available to you. The two main options available include desktop or tabletop electronic sets and hand held electronic sets. These sets work in different ways and both have a lot to offer.

The desktop or tabletop electronic chess sets provide you with a chess set that looks much like a traditional chess set. However, they usually have a type of screen and some buttons that are used for playing. The small screen is usually an LCD screen, which provides information on difficulty levels, time control, rules, tips and other options. You’ll find that the best sets are designed to meet all the international standard chess rules. These include pawn promotion, checkmate and check situations, legal and illegal moves, castling and stalemate. Some sets come with a good memory, which allows you to undo moves as you’re playing so you can learn how to improve your chess game.

Handheld electronic chess sets are the other common option available to you. These sets make it easy to take chess with you wherever you go. Of course, the boards are much smaller, which can make playing a bit more difficult, especially among those that have very small pieces. The good news is that today it’s possible to find touch screen handheld sets that allow you to use a special stylus and the touch screen for easier playing.

Pros and Cons to Consider

Of course, these electronic chess sets come with both pros and cons. It’s a good idea to consider them before deciding this is the right chess option for you. One big pro is that various ranges of play are available on these sets, which is great for those who are learning the game. You can increase the level of play as you become better at the game. Another pro is the ability to monitor your progress and the ability to look back at your stats over time. You’ll also enjoy the pro of being able to play whenever you want, even if you don’t have a human opponent around.

A few cons also need to be remembered. First, nothing will ever give you the same experience of playing a person one on one. Also, some of these games can be expensive, especially if you’re looking for a game at a pro level.

Overall, electronic chess sets do have a lot to offer you, especially if you enjoy playing chess even when you don’t have an opponent. These sets are becoming better and better technically as well, so it’s worth consideration if you really enjoy the game.

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