Firemen Chess SEtFirefighters may work on a volunteer basis or a full time job. It goes without saying that firefighting is a demanding job. Being a firefighter is considered one of the most dangerous jobs on the market.

Not only is it demanding physically, but it can be demanding mentally as well. Continually finding the energy and courage to burst into burning buildings isn't something everyone can do, even if they're physically fit.  But  preventing fires and saving lives can be very rewarding.

If you know someone who is a fire fighter or wants to become one then a firefighter chess set is the perfect gift. These chess sets may come in various themes. One might be firemen versus policemen where the pieces of another may just consist of firefighting equipment.

When fighting fire there is a lot of heavy gear, masks, and other equipment such as  hoses, trucks, helmets, etc. In some set you may find the equipment all serving as pieces.

Firefighters can also increase in rank.  Volunteers may gradually work their way up the ranks and work as a professional firefighter.  So you might also find a firemen set in which the pieces consist of firemen of different ranks.

It also takes a lot of psychological strength to be able to fight fires. Should you discover that the mental aspect of it is simply too much, this hardly makes you a coward. There is something difficult and incredibly taxing about forcing yourself to enter incredibly dangerous conditions again and again, despite what your instincts may tell you. However, overcoming such fears and difficulties is just one step when it comes to trying to become a firefighter.

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