Football ChessFootball chess set pieces are a great way to show you love for a particular team or teams. It is also a great way to show your passion for the decidedly All-American game of football. It is the ultimate contact sport and has always had descriptive modifiers such as "battle, war, warriors, contest" and more that have always been associated with the game of chess as well. The original presentations of chess pieces as two opposing armies and even the way each sets the players up is quite similar.

Chess has a front line of "pawns" on both sides, just as football uses both an offensive front line and a defensive front line. The obvious reference to the football quarterback as the "king" is referenced easily because this piece, and position, is the most important - as well as a goal of the opposing team or army. Just like the chess opponents seek to maneuver its bishops, knights and rooks to "capture" the king, a football team sends out is defensive ends, linebackers and safeties to "capture" (tackle) the quarterback.

When you acquire a football chess set, you can show your pride as a fan of your favorite college of NFL team. You also have the options many times for picking as "favorite" opposing team, one that may represent a historic rivalry you wish to display in your sports-themed game room. You might be able to acquire custom-made football themed chess sets that hearken possibly back to your high school football glory days where your team colors pitted against theirs for season bragging rights.

There are so many great correlations between the game of football and the game of chess. Both opponents are "marching" on as field of honor doing battle seeking the ultimate win.

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