Korean War

Korean War The Korean War is a well known war fought by the US. Korean war chess set pieces have become a very popular item because of it. It has been said that the Korean War was the first definitive action taken by the United States to defend democratic nations against communism. When North Korea sought to invade South Korea and absorb it into a Soviet client state, President Harry Truman sought a UN resolution to bring together a coalition of democracies to fight back the North Korean and later the Chinese military.

The legacy of the Korean War is pronounced. It established the fact that the United States and its allies would not stand for Soviet sponsored aggression. Sadly, the Korean War is often called the forgotten war since it occurred in between World War II and the Vietnam Conflict. Today, looking through the lens of history, many historians recognize the significant importance of the Korean War.

The accomplishments of the Korean War are honored today in amazing chess sets that commemorate the bravery of those involved in the war. There are several different chess sets that are based on the war in Korea, some of which are truly stunning in terms of their artistry and design.

Korean War chess sets mostly feature North Korea and American soldiers and military personnel. Other nations involved in the conflict are not reflected mainly due to the fact there are only so many pieces on a chess board. The images of the American figures are historically accurate with Gen. MacArthur, Pres. Dwight Eisenhower, and Pres. Harry S, Truman frequently placed in the role of the ‘king' while North Korea's then Prime Minister Kim Il Sung assumed the opposing leadership role.

Korean War chess sets are not as popular as the ones produced to replicate the Second World War or the Civil War. However, Korean War chess sets do have their appeal among many making these chess sets highly prized among collectors.

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