Super Mario

Super Mario Chess SetHave you ever played the Mario Brothers video game? Now you can play with Super Mario chess set pieces. If you are a Super Mario addict, or even just a Nintendo or game fan with a penchant for the classics, there is something out there for you, and it's amazing. Mario and Luigi team up against Bowser and his evil minions once more to battle it out on the most strategic platform ever - the chess board. That's right - Team Mario versus Team Bowser in the ultimate showdown. 

The pieces are about two inches tall, and hand-painted. The board is a bit small, eighteen and a half inches - plenty of room for strategic ability but not a huge chess board none the less. On team Mario as always, there is Mario and Luigi as king and queen. (Explanation follows.) Princess Peach and Princess Daisy are playing the side sweeping bishops and Yoshi does his job as a mount and plays in the knight's position.

Toad, the jerk that tells you that the princess is somehow always in another castle is of course, playing the rook, which is a castle for all the non-chess players. Coins that Mario would normally capture are playing as the eight pawns for Team Mario. There have been questions as to why Mario and Luigi would be king and queen, since Luigi is clearly not a queen or a female. This game has been designed this way because it is a chess set, and certain pieces (bishops) must match in some way. This means that the Princesses can't ascend their role as queen because it would be confusing to split the pieces up by gender. It's easier to make the king and queen out of Super Mario Brother's star players. On Team Bowser, we find Bowser as king of course, one of his disgusting offspring as his queen, and various other enemies as the other pieces. Topping it off, turtle shells play the role of pawns but you won't be able to pick them up and toss them in the air to defeat sixty other enemies.

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