Nascar Chess SetAre you a Nascar fan? If so then Nascar chess set pieces may be the perfect set for you. Despite what some might tell you, the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is not simply a bunch of auto enthusiasts going for a Sunday drive in circles. It is today the most popular spectator sport in the United States and its popularity continues to grow. It appeals to the common man - or woman, or child - just as much as it does to auto enthusiasts.

It has during its 53-year history portrayed street-going, recognizable consumer owned "stock" vehicles as technologically advanced marvels of auto engineering ingenuity and innovation. Unlike other forms of vehicle racing where the race car is specifically designed for that particular type of competition, NASCAR has attracted a wide diverse of participation from many different auto manufacturers. In fact, the very first official stock car division race had nine different manufacturers participating including Oldsmobile, Mercury, Lincoln, Kaiser, Hudson, Ford, Chrysler, Cadillac and Buick.

Although today's NASCAR auto is far more technologically advanced than its consumer counterpart, the treatment of racing as a sport has also evolved. Today's drivers stay in top physical shape in order to control a heavy 800 horse powered moving machine  running at speeds near 300 mph just inches off the bumper of the car in front. These are experienced athletes with highly-honed skills that if they make one wrong move - whamo - the game may be over. They are definite road warriors.

Which when you really think about it, makes the NASCAR setting a perfect choice for a chess set battleground. Position is everything in a NASCAR race just as it is in the world of chess. And, move making is the decision process compelling a driver to victory just as the moves in a chess board will determine the game's outcome. Both contests demand strategy and skill.

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