Pirates of the Caribbean

pirates of the caribbean chess set

Many people are starting to take an interest in acquiring the Pirates of the Caribbean chess set pieces. Pirates of the Caribbean are considered to be one of the most popular franchises associated with the Walt Disney Company. In the mid 1960s, Walt Disney World took the concept of the pirates and created a boat ride for guests that featured the theme. As time progressed, several movies were released that featured various storylines associated with the Pirates of Caribbean. The movies have been identified as being both fantasy in concept and the adventure genre. Throughout this guide, you will learn important facts related to the Pirates of the Caribbean chess set as well as the franchise itself.

There are several movies that feature the famous Disney pirates. These movies include the following:

  • "The Curse of the Black Pearl"
  • "Dead Man's Chest"
  • "At World's End"
  • "On Stranger Tides"


These movies feature exciting characters that people all over the world have come to love. Examples of the most famous as far as the cast is concerned include Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swan, and Hector Barbossa. If you are a fan of these films, you will likely enjoy owning a Pirates of the Caribbean chess set. You will find pieces that reflect these characters and others that are introduced in the movies such as Beckett and Norrington. The chess set is uniquely designed. It is considered to be a beautiful collector's item among many. In addition to the standard character pieces, you will also discover various types of chess pieces that are considered to be antiqued. This set is sure to set the pace for many hours of entertainment. The best part is, it is an appropriate game for any child or adult. If you are looking for a unique chess game, opt for the Pirates of the Caribbean chess set.

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