The Queen Chess Piece

A Staunton Style Queen Chess Piece

The queen chess piece is powerful and for this reason the queen is a highly protected piece.

The king and queen chess pieces are the most important pieces on the board. The king is obviously important since capturing it wins the game.

If the queen is captured by an opponent it can be a terrible loss not only because of its power but also because it's worth 9 points. When playing chess is may be tempting to over use the queen at the beginning of a game due to its power. This is a temptation that is best to resist and it's power should be saved for later in the game.

The queen is much more powerful then any other piece. She can access every space on the chess board by moving in a straight
line in any direction for any distance.

Many games end in a queen versus queen face off but even this is an unusual scenario.

The queen is not found in many common endgame scenarios and when the queens have been taken that often means the end of the game is near.

If you're looking for a chess set, pieces can come in many materials and styles. In a typical Staunton style the queen is shorter then the king but taller then the other pieces and relatively plain looking. However, the look of the queen will differ from style to style.