shrek chess setHave you see the movie Shrek? It was a movie blockbuster and has made Shrek chess set pieces a very popular item. Shrek is Dreamwork Films character with a ton of friends and a lot of anger issues to work out. It's said that ogres, like onions...are smelly! No, wait. Ogres, like onions, have layers! He started out a lonely green ogre and has managed to work his way up to being family man with a beautiful wife and kids that he cares very much about and the best friends a dude could ask for. With each movie, Shrek learns a lesson about love, friendship, and being very careful what you wish for, nad has many adventures along the way with his new friends and family. He is of course, not without his enemies, and so his physical challenges are many as well as having to "grow up!" First he has to drag Fiona out of the tower and fight off the Dragon, then he has to beat Farquad for the win. Then he has to meet Fiona's parents, the King and Queen of Far Far away and fight off Prince Charming to win his lady. Finally in the last bit of the Shrek saga, he has to learn and remember why he left his swamp to begin with and almost loses everything he has ever worked for. Layers indeed, Shrek!

So what if, just what if, Shrek had a chess set made in his honor because he's so awesome? Ah well, there is! He and Fiona are king and queen, versus the King and Queen of Far Far Away on the other side. The Three Pigs play pawns and you've got all the loveable characters included - Donkey, Dragon, Puss-in-Boots, and - to play with. In the enemy camp, the foes are Farquad, and Prince Charming, Fiona's parents of course, the Fairy God Mother, and regular looking, tin can armor type knights to play the pawns. Battling it out over Fiona with her parents is going to be fun for you and Shrek this time - you get to imagine everything that Shrek would say and then totally checkmate their butts! This could be the perfect chess set for any cartoon collector, or a great gift for any Shrek fan.

Lot of 2 Shrek Checkers and Chess Game Collector's Edition Tin Boxset
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