Soccer Chess SetAlthough some form of soccer was played more than 3000 year ago, England is said to be the home of modern soccer.  Eton College designed some soccer rules around about 1815 which is one of the earliest signs of soccer becoming an organized game. Today soccer is being played in many parts of the world.

Soccer chess set pieces can come in many forms. In some you may find equipment such as the goal, ball. and cleats as pieces. In others it may be strictly by position including center backs, sweepers, full backs, wing backs, center midfielder, defensive midfielder, attacking midfielder, wide midfielder, Center forward, second striker, and winger

Pieces can also be based on famous soccer players found all over the world such as England, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic and others.

So who is your favorite soccer player?

Diego Maradona is one of the most famous soccer players in the world. His soccer career spans a period of 26 years. Due to Diego Maradona many of the present day soccer players follow in many of his foot steps.

Pelé is another famous player. This Brazilian player is still influencing young soccer players in his home country.

Soccer chess sets are perfect for any soccer player or enthusiast.

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