South Park

South Park Chess Set

After all these years, South Park is still a popular TV show and so are the South Park chess set pieces. It’s one of the most popular adult cartoons on television. It has brought a lot of competition along its way as well. But it has been one of the funniest cartoons since the Simpsons.

South Park is a small town where Cartman, Kenny, and Kyle live. They’re usually up to nothing. Of course, the cartoon pokes fun at current events. This can include celebrities, politicians, just about anyone. No one is safe from the antics of South Park!

Now this beloved cartoon has been made into a chess set. Imagine playing with Cartman, Kenny, Kyle, Stan, Cheff, and Big Gay Al! Your characters can be part of one team. Make up your own teams and play against each other! You will definitely be a hit at your party with your South Park chess set.

Bring it anywhere with you. You will want to show it off. It’s perfect for parties, vacations, and other get-togethers. If you want to make someone’s day at the hospital, then you should bring this chess set with you. Plus, they’re finely crafted. You won’t believe the detail that went into making these South Park characters. They’ll look exactly just like they did on television.

These South Park chess pieces are almost life like. Your kids will even want to play with them, even though they won’t know who they are! (Hopefully they don’t know who they are.) You will have to keep an eye on these chess pieces!

As always, you can find South Park on many channels. Comedy Central still plays their shows at night. You will also find them on MTV and Fox. You just have to check your local listings for days and times.

Now you can enjoy South Park both ways. Play the game while watching the show. You won’t get enough of this chess set.

South Park Collector Chess Game Comedy Central
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