Spiderman Chess Set
Spider-Man has webbed his way through a thousand venues and now he has come to the strategic beauty of Spiderman chess set pieces. If you are a Spider-man fanatic, this is definitely a fantastic collector's item to have.

The Amazing Spider Man features Peter Parker and his wise cracking, web slinging alter ego self Spider Man. A Spider-Man chess set is great for Spider-Man collectors or any fan of the comics or movies.

Spiderman is a Marvel Comic superhero that was created in 1962 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.  He was only a guest appearance, and at the time it was not known that Spider Man would become a huge success. His success prompted Marvel Comics to create a separate comic book series for Spider Man.

Spiderman who is really Peter Parker is an orphan who is raised by his elderly Aunt and Uncle. When Peter was a teenager he went on a school field trip to a spider research facility. Peter was bitten by a radioactive stray spider. This caused Peter's DNA to combine with the radioactive poison of the spider. Peter gained several super powers such as incredible strength, grip, speed, spider sense for danger and being able to shoot spider webs from his wrist. The Spiderman character was unprecedented at the time because teenage super heroes were generally not well received. Spiderman taught himself how to be a superhero and manage his powers. Spiderman is widely considered one of the most successful and popular superheroes in the world. He is Marvel's main character and the mascot for the company. He is an unofficial member of the Avengers. Spiderman was voted as number 3 on the list IGN's Top 100 Comic Book Heroes of All Time in 2011.

The good side has Spider-man himself, Spider-man symbiote, the Punisher, and Dare Devil to name a few. The villain side are almost all of Spider-man's worst foes: Sandman, Venom, and Electro. The look of the pieces are astounding, and the board is nice too.

Spider Man wears a blue and red suit with black web lines crossing over the red, and this is the his primary costume. There was a time when the storyline changed Spider Man’s entire outfit to a black one. This black suited Spider Man Comic series lasted for about four years starting in 1984. By the end, a new character to the world of Spider Man was introduced, an alien Symbiote.

The Black Symbiote, Mary Jane Watson, the Green Goblin and the various other villains and heroes who have made their appearance in Spider Man have kept fans interested with various battles and challenges that Spidey faces.

Spider Man and Peter Parker are portraited as down to earth characters which allow fans to identify with this superhero. Other than battling evil villains, Spider Man also deals with various social issues that are ongoing in our society. We are shown how theses social issues affect the various people who are in the storyline.

The board itself is a resin molded piece designed to look like a brick building's rooftop, with the Spidey logo emblazoned on the sides. It is literally made like a roof top - it is not entirely flat so instead of just playing a regular game of chess, what you have is a 3D adventure at your fingertips. The pieces are hand painted pewter and include the Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus. They are not all one size, they are dependent on the character's proportions. Spider-man is about two and a half inches tall, while others are slightly larger.

This chess board is designed as a collector's item and is not entirely intended for children, but with special care, it can be fun for the whole family. The game board itself is kind of heavy and serves as a storage space for the pewter pieces. The whole thing costs about five hundred dollars and the quality of the board and pieces are reflected in this price. Whether you are a passer by or an avid game collector or Spider-man fan, this can be a great gift for your friends or yourself.

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