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Although some form of soccer was played more than 3000 year ago, England is said to be the home of modern soccer.  Eton College designed some soccer rules around about 1815 which is one of the earliest signs of soccer becoming an organized game. Today soccer is


Personalizing things according to one’s preference is gaining momentum these days and making golf chess sets is one among them. If you are golf lover, you may want to consider a golf chess set. Golf plays an integral part of life for some people and they show


Football chess set pieces are a great way to show you love for a particular team or teams. It is also a great way to show your passion for the decidedly All-American game of football. It is the ultimate contact sport and has always had descriptive modifiers


Baseball chess set pieces are great gift for fans and athletes alike. Your baseball themed pieces can be moved across the board for a spirited game of chess just as the individual players on the field of honor move to catch a fly ball, snag a speeding


Are you a Nascar fan? If so then Nascar chess set pieces may be the perfect set for you. Despite what some might tell you, the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is not simply a bunch of auto enthusiasts going for a Sunday drive


If you are a fan or a player of the adrenaline pumping action game of hockey, then pay close attention because you'll love hockey chess set pieces. When you watch your favorite team skate down the ice slamming the hockey puck at the goalie, and he stops