Star Trek

Star Trek Chess Set

If you're a Star Trek fan then you'll love Star Trek chess set pieces. The concept of a Star Trek chess set is something that will present fans of the series with a newfound interest in an ancient game. Then again, even those that have played chess for many years will find the unique novelty of a Star Trek chess set to be the gateway to new experiences with an old game.

How can a Star Trek theme make chess play newly invigorating? For starters, many Star Trek themed chess sets are designed with a three dimensional platform. This design is clearly based on the type of chess sets that were made famous as props in the television series. There was a certain psychological component to the 3D variant of the classic chess board. Namely, the idea here was that since the game was played on a three rung platform, the game itself must have evolved. Hence, we are looking at a time in the future where technology and human interrelations have evolved as well.

Does that seem to be a little deep? Maybe it is. So, let's examine the chess set from a more (pardon the pun) earthen perspective: playing the game with the new 3D board platform is a lot of fun. It adds a unique twist to the game, which makes it more enjoyable to take part in.

Yes, another great benefit to playing the game is that you can utilize characters from the series instead of black and white medieval figures. Whether you are interested in the classic series, The Next Generation, the films, Voyager, or any of the other incarnations, you will be able to find chess pieces based on your favorite characters.

Of course, the villainous characters are represented as well as Klingons, Khan, the Borg, and other evil nemesis is present. Is there a Gorn piece? Hopefully there is as no chess set would be complete without one!

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