transformers chess setThe Transformer movies have made Transformer chess set pieces very popular but believe it or not, the Transformers did not start out as a comic book or a television series, they started out as unnamed Japanese toys. The toys, then called Micromen, were a forerunner to today's Transformers: They were humanoid toys that morphed into every day vehicles. Hasbro bought the line of toys in 1984 and makers assembled a back story that began an era of comic books, cartoons series and of course, more toys. The back story did not completely comply with all of the material that emerged afterward, but the roots of the following paraphernalia are all placed with Hasbro. In the back story that Hasbro creators made up, Optimus prime and Megatron crashed on prehistoric Earth during a great war and awakening in 1984. Marvel held a different history, with Autobots searching for power sources and crash landing during a Decepticon attack. Essentially, even though the histories are all different, people still love Transformers and the market exploded. Since then, comic books, cartoons, movies and toys and even chess sets have all hit the market with stunningly explosive power.

The chess set, which is a particularly interesting collector's item, is a classic battle between Decepticon and Autobots. There are several different sets, some painted to realism and others are metals burnished to resemble copper and silver. Each piece in the set that is metal is depicting a different named character and is based on the movie, while the others are geared towards older cartoons. For the chess set based movie, on the Autobots side you will find Optimus Prime of course, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Jazz and Ratchet just to name a few. To fortify the enemy force, you can find Megatron, Starscream, Blackout and Bonecrusher. The board is a standard piece that is 18x18 inches and covered in full color. Which side will you show your loyalties to, human?

Hasbro Transformers Chess Set Action Board Game 32 Model Masterpieces Optimus
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Transformers Chess Set
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