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Korean War

 The Korean War is a well known war fought by the US. Korean war chess set pieces have become a very popular item because of it. It has been said that the Korean War was the first definitive action taken by the United States to defend democratic

Battle Of Waterloo

If you are chess player, chess set collector and history buff; you will want to add Battle of Waterlook chess set pieces to your collection.  One of the best and most interesting is a Battle of Waterloo themed chess set. These themed chess sets beautifully depict the famous

Revolutionary War

The Are you a fan of war chess set? Take a look at Revolutionary war chess set pieces. The American Revolutionary war was a war between the British and the 13 original American colonies between 1775-1783. This was the time when the 13 original British Colonies took

World War II

Are you a fan of war chess sets? Take look at the WWii Chess Set pieces. There have been two world wars. World War I lasted 1914- 1918 and was fought between the allies and the central powers. World War II was fought between the allies and

Civil War

If you're a civil war buff then Civil War chess set pieces are for you. War chess sets will always be a popular chess theme. Afterall, the game of chess is based on war.  In fact it's believed that chess originated from ancient strategic battle planning. In 1861